AGLA was the promoter of the first LED price indicators in Italy and its experience in the OIL STATION sector originates back in the late 90s.

Extensive experience in the design and production of LED displays, for various uses, makes AGLA the leading company in Italy and among the first in European rankings.

Over 40,000 signage and price indicators per year are delivered to service stations throughout Europe.

Display families capable of meeting standard (and not only) market demands in terms of: display size, type of LEDs used, LED colours and communication systems. Single-digit or multi-digit displays depending on the size and type of application,

alphanumeric displays and graphic matrices complete the extensive range.

AGLA's skills and competencies in the production and design phases allows it to create non-standard Display versions, customised to meet customer requirements, with low investment costs that do not preclude their feasibility.

To complete the range, AGLA produces a LED lighting system specifically designed for the OIL STATION sector.


LED petrol price lists: what they are and their features

LED displays are often used at petrol stations as electronic price lists. They make it easier for operators to manage and display fuel prices in the service area, so they are clear and immediate to passing drivers. Compared to conventional fixed signage and other electronic systems, LED displays provide better long-distance readability and high long-term reliability.

But how does LED technology work? And what are the advantages of using it in fuel displays? Let us discuss this in detail.

LED technology for fuel displays

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This is a component used in electronics to pass current in one direction, totally blocking current flowing in the opposite direction.

In petrol stations, LED displays are essential, the key to proactive and effective communication with customers. The price of fuel is in fact an essential discriminating factor in the choice of motorists, who statistically prefer to stop and fill up at service stations that are modern, convenient and well organised. In fuel price lists, LED displays must effectively and efficiently signal the main message: the price.

LED system displays: why choose them

  • A bright LED display is particularly useful in all situations requiring high visibility and effective, immediate communication. They bring numerous advantages:
  • Very high brightness, thanks to high-brightness LED technology, which makes them visible even from a distance and in adverse weather conditions;
  • Adaptability to weather and light conditions, thanks to the brightness sensor which adjusts the light intensity accordingly;
  • Great visibility, thanks to a wide viewing angle, combined with the bright colours of text, numbers and graphics;
  • Durability and low energy consumption.

Agla Group LED price lists: the reliability of a pioneering manufacturer

Promoter of the first LED price lists in Italy, Agla Group has a long experience in the design and manufacture of LED displays for various uses, making it a leading company in Italy and one of the first in Europe: more than 40,000 displays for signs and price lists destined for service stations throughout Europe every year. Agla Group's solutions meet market requirements in terms of display size, LED type and colour and communication systems.

LED price lists with numerical displays

Agla Group's LED numeric displays provide high brightness and wide visibility. They are equipped with a protective resin coating and oven-baked UV treatment to crystallise the resin, as well as temperature and light sensors.

LED price lists with alphanumeric displays

The result of extensive experience in the use of DLA matrices in other sectors, Agla Group's alphanumeric displays are available in two variants: continuous matrix or single character and offer the possibility of composing panels with different layouts.

LED system price lists

Agla Group's graphic or system LED displays offer the option to compose panels with different layouts, customising the product thanks to a wide range of character heights and graphic areas of different sizes.

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