Versatile and easy to use, variable message panels (VMP in short) can be used in various types of urban contexts, from historic centres to the most modern smart cities, to meet every communication need.

Agla variable message information panels, the result of over 20 years of experience, are non-invasive solutions capable of harmoniously integrating with the surrounding environment and highlighting information in a functional, clear and precise way thanks to an information monitor that uses LED matrix technology. They combine clean lines with high aesthetic standards combining strength, reliability and longevity in the beauty of Italian design.

Versatile tools both in their structure and in their practical use, they convey all kinds of information in a more immediate and effective way than static signs: from traffic restrictions in ZTL (Limited Traffic Zones) zones to the calendar of institutional events. They can be placed in strategic points in the area, on roads outside built-up areas, in stations, ports and airports, to create a communication channel between the city authorities and citizens, residents or tourists.

Variable message panels for urban areas

Our information panels: flexibility and high structural quality

Agla can propose versatile solutions for urban communication, characterised by numerous structural advantages. The high quality of the materials ensures resistance to bad weather and durability over time. The use of the latest technologies guarantees visibility even at long distances and in any light condition. Finally, they have a high degree of flexibility from the point of view of both content and application management and integration between systems.

Depending on the intended use, the types of variable message panels for the urban setting produced by Agla are as follows:

  • Signalling panels for areas such as ZTL and ZTC (Temporary Control Zones) and speed deterrents, placed at the entrance to urban areas or near a pedestrian area, with the possibility of integrating general or specific information;
  • Generic communication panels that act as a communication channel between institutions and users, citizens, residents and tourists, to transmit information of a public nature, such as happenings, events and emergencies. To be positioned in pedestrian areas or in the main junctions of the road network, they are designed to become an integral part of the city;
  • Variable message panels for personalised communications on urban and extra-urban roads and in other strategic points such as stations, ports and airports. Designed to achieve maximum effectiveness in displaying information to the public, this category of variable message panels allows for agile communication between institutions and users and the transmission of information of interest to the public. The structure and layout allow a high level of customisation




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