LED lighting for public spaces: features and benefits

LED lighting for public spaces: features and benefits Agla Group

Lighting is not just a question of functionality and practicality. Good lighting, when designed correctly, helps people live more comfortably, productively and safely. It embellishes spaces and transforms both internal and external environments. Transforming ideas into lighting systems of great effect involves careful planning, which goes from identifying the points with the greatest need for light, to the choice of support structure and the type of lamp, from calculating street lighting, to selecting the best supports for lighting other outdoor public areas, such as petrol stations.

LED lighting systems are an increasingly common choice in this kind of application, as they guarantee a long list of plus points and great flexibility of use.

Operation of LED lighting and advantages

The term "LED" is an acronym: it means "Light Emitting Diode". Light emitting diodes have a very simple operating mechanism: they exploit the ability of some semiconductor materials to produce photons through a phenomenon of spontaneous emission when crossed by electric current. LED lights have numerous advantages over traditional lighting:

  • They have a much longer duration, up to 50,000 hours;
  • They guarantee greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs;
  • They work at very low voltage and also at low temperatures;
  • They turn on quickly;
  • They do not have IR or UV radiation nor do they contain mercury;
  • They generate much less heat, resulting in greater safety for users;
  • They are available in various colour shades: warm white, natural or neutral white and cool white, as well as all the shades in between.

Applications of LED lighting in public spaces

A proper lighting system is essential to ensure the safety of those who use public spaces, especially when it comes to a car park: not only for issues of support to users in orientation during movement, but also for strictly practical reasons, such as the fact that surveillance cameras are useful only with optimal visibility.

The need for energy efficiency, reduced impact on the environment and flexibility of use are leading to an increasing use of LED technology for indoor car parks, the complex structure of which can cause them to lose orientation. Signs, vehicles, lanes, entrances, elevators and stairs must be clearly visible, especially in the event of an emergency.

Similarly, for example, in urban areas,LED street lighting is increasingly considered a valid alternative to old street lamps, mainly for guaranteed energy savings of up to 60%. When integrated with good lighting in other public spaces related to the road network, such as petrol stations, it ensures a greater feeling of safety for users.

LED lighting for car parks and service stations in Agla

A vast experience in the use of LED technologies makes Agla the reference partner in highly specialised professional outdoor and indoor lighting, capable of supporting customers in identifying, designing and manufacturing lighting solutions for car parks and service stations. LED lighting systems that ensure significant savings both in the purchase, installation and use phase, with the guarantee of high-end devices designed and produced in Italy:

  • MYRA, LED lamp designed for indoor parking. Positioned in the centre of the lane, it is capable of illuminating three stalls on the left, three stalls on the right, and the travel lane;
  • SYRMA, outdoor LED lighting, designed for service station shelters. Thanks to a special square lens, it perfectly and uniformly illuminates the area under the canopy.

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