Quality policy

The company and its staff consider customer satisfaction and efficient work processes to be essential factors for competitiveness and success in the target market.

The following objectives are therefore established:

  • Comply with the standard relating to the Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015;
  • Research for an ever higher quality level of the products manufactured;
  • Continuous adaptation of the company's capabilities to the needs of the market;
  • Enhancement of human resources to ensure business continuity;
  • Reducing non-conformities, shortcomings and waste that undermine the quality of the service offered;
  • Respect and improve customer waiting times;
  • Expand the range of products offered to maintain the competitiveness necessary for business success;
  • Comply with statutory requirements.

To achieve these objectives it is necessary to:

  • Keep the quality management system up to date, as a tool for continuous improvement;
  • Systematically monitor the activities carried out and the results obtained to verify their effectiveness;
  • Train people;
  • Implementing systematic improvement programmes.

Short- and medium-term objectives are defined annually by the Management during the periodic review through the "Quality Improvement Programme".

The General Manager is responsible for ensuring and supporting the implementation of this policy and assumes responsibility for it.

Each person is accountable, within their assigned role and competencies, for the achievement of the established objectives.

The implementation of this Policy and the achievement of the established objectives will be periodically reviewed by the Management.


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