For over twenty years, AGLA has been designing and producing the most complete "Made in Italy" parking system.

Electronic sign panels providing information on parking facilities to users approaching urban areas, directing them to those with free parking stalls.

Variable message panels indicating the number of free parking stalls, to highlight the facilities, to help traffic flows inside and outside the parking facility and optimise the use of each different area.

Sensors for systems guiding drivers to the free parking stall, to monitor the occupancy status of the entire parking facility and facilitate the search for free stalls.

Latest generation LED lamps to reduce the costs related to the lighting in parking areas during the purchase, installation and management phases.

State-of-the-art management software for interfacing with devices and the entire parking facility guidance system.

The parking solution proposed by AGLA is a completely modular system designed to be integrated within pre-existing scenarios and can be implemented in several phases.

PARKING | Agla Group
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