Digital Information Panels: technical features and main uses

Digital Information Panels: technical features and main uses Agla Group

Versatile and useful, these information panels are electronic devices often, but not exclusively, used in urban areas and in the vicinity of ports and airports. Their main function is to provide useful information for drivers and citizens, in real time, using extremely bright, highly visible displays.

The Agla Group's variable message signs (VMS) are an innovative technology that makes it possible to reach a large number of people very quickly, as it is possible to read a message even from several meters away.

What are variable message signs?

Variable message signs are devices that exploit LED matrix technology to display information relating to traffic conditions, traffic restrictions, the occupancy status of car parks, the price of fuel, or details of scheduled events. They are particularly versatile tools, both in their design and in their range of practical uses.

They are used mostly in cities, near historic town centres, or at the entrance or exit points of urban centres, and immediately attract the attention of drivers or pedestrians.

Features of the information panels

Variable message panels are innovative tools for communicating information but which, in order to function in the best possible way, must be manufactured to certain strict technical specifications. In particular, an LED information panel should be:

1. made from weatherproof and robust materials

2. durable

3. visible even from extended distances

4. have flexible sizes and fonts

5. visible in any light conditions

6. reliable and remote controlled

7. effective in conveying information in a coherent and immediate way.

Information display installation

While they are convenient tools for urban areas, information displays are more complex to install than other types of signage or electronic systems.

Before installing an information display on public roads or at road network intersections, it is necessary to obtain a series of municipal and other permits. In addition to the purely bureaucratic aspect, it is also necessary to take into account the connection between a single panel (or a series of panels) and the controlling software, essential for programming the messages, and maintenance, and checking that the sign is operating correctly.

Variable Message Signs

Versatility is among the main features of the information panel and, in fact, it is possible to customize your device both in shape and in size. You can choose between small or very large panels, free-standing and recessed panels, the all-in-one model, and they can be for indoor or outdoor use.

As you can see, there is a wide choice of solutions that take into account the needs of the customer and the space available. Visit our website to learn more about our products and contact us to request more information on our information panels.

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