Management and integration of Variable Message Sign (VMS)

Management and integration of Variable Message Sign (VMS) Agla Group

Variable Message Sign, or VMS, are LED displays designed to convey messages at strategic points in the urban fabric, such as car parks, petrol stations, airports, motorways, or entrances to restricted traffic zones in city centres. Each panel is connected to the communication network of the whole system, and thanks to this is able to receive the signals coming from the management unit, fulfil the received visualisation requests and diagnose and signal the correct functioning.

Variable message sign: central and peripheral system

The system architecture consists of the central and peripheral systems, which are communicating and interconnected. The peripheral system consists of a set of individual panels - located at key points on the road network or at points of interest in the urban centre - configured by the operator with the messages set through the central system. The latter represents the management settings of the VMS network: a server through which it is possible to graphically visualise and configure every panel connected to the system with just a few clicks. The central system is connected to the peripheral one through the communication network; the signals that arrive to the VMS scattered on the territory are translated into the automatic switching on of the LED boards that compose the message.

Management and Integration of the VMS network

The management and system integration of VMS is as flexible as ever: panels can be configured remotely, individually or in bulk. The central system provides the operators with a software with an intuitive interface, through which it is easy to set the desired pictogram or message, whether contingent or predefined; moreover, it enables the entire network to be visualised on a single screen, proceeding with the configuration of the chosen panels or with the grouping of the same ones for categories (zones). Through the central system, you can monitor each VMS and make sure it displays the right message in real time. If there is no connection to the server, the VMS can be set to automatically display a predefined message, such as time and temperature, or remain "off".

To ensure the remote management of the entire VMS network, there is an electronic control unit of the panel, connected to the telecommunication network and, therefore, to the central system. Any authorised user can set the message calendar, check the correct operation of the peripheral system and change the settings if necessary.

MiSTRAL VMS variable message sign

MiSTRAL VMS variable message panels are designed to deliver messages to users as clearly and effectively as possible. The design, which emphasises text and prioritises readability and customising, is easily integrated into the urban setting for which it is intended, i.e., train stations, traffic nodes, and focal points of the urban fabric. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, the variable message panels can be set and adjusted according to light, time, and day of the week.

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