Smart parking lighting: features and benefits

Smart parking lighting: features and benefits Agla Group

In a covered car park, effective lighting guarantees a positive user experience. Indeed, lighting influences the feeling of safety, the perception of parking capacity and user well-being while driving. Replacing your lighting system with a more efficient system is a simple and affordable way to improve the quality, safety and functionality of your car park.

Characteristics of a good lighting system

The factors that make covered car park lighting efficient and fit-for-purpose are:

  • Energy efficiency: lighting absorbs about 60% of total energy consumption, a percentage that can be reduced with simple strategic choices;
  • Distribution and uniformity: uniform illumination makes it easier to recognise vehicles, people and signs;
  • Intensity: a good lighting system helps to counteract the semi-darkness and the claustrophobic feeling that are often characteristic of covered parking lots, especially underground ones;
  • Design and technology: a good lighting system combines functional design and the strategic use of lights and colours, making use of the light reflected on walls, pillars, floors and ceilings to create a diffuse lighting effect.

The advantages of a LED lighting system

LED technology strategically brings all of these factors together and offers numerous benefits for users. Indeed, a LED parking lighting system (and all the better if it's wireless) allows you to:

  • Improve visibility, reducing areas of shadow and improving driver safety;
  • Optimise energy consumption, saving up to 80% on energy costs and significantly reducing the need for replacement;
  • Increase the sustainability of the system, thanks to lower energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions;
  • Enhance the intensity of the lighting, thanks to high and flicker-free output, which can instantly be switched on to maximum power;
  • Reduce the accumulation of heat: compared to classic halogen bulbs, the LED has a much greater degree of heat dispersion.

Efficiency of the Agla Group's MYRA LED parking lot lamps

The diffuse zonal lighting guaranteed by Agla Group MYRA intelligent parking lot lighting system is the perfect complement for covered parking areas. Positioned in the centre of the lane, a MYRA lamp is able to illuminate three stalls on the left, three on the right and the driving lane. Lightweight and sturdy, with a simple and clean design, it channels the light to key points and auto-regulates thanks to the brightness sensor. The system allows you to interface each individual lamp with the management software which, upon detecting the presence of pedestrians and vehicles, adjusts its lighting.

Innovative technologies guarantee an optimal degree of heat dissipation and the maximum yield and durability of the LED. The asymmetrical LSR silicone lenses ensure maximum resistance to yellowing caused by the hydrocarbons present in large quantities in covered car parks. Thanks to smart current flow management, MYRA guarantees a reduction in consumption, a constant energy supply and compensation in the event of supply malfunctions.

Other advantages include the lesser need for lamps compared to a traditional lighting system or other LED systems, to cover the same surface area, and the self-regulating lighting system that responds to ambient light.

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