Informing users is a common necessity of all towns and cities, whether they are modern Smart Cities or ancient Historical Centres.

AGLA has been operating in this sector for over 20 years, and its prerogative is to use non-invasive solutions which integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment whilst displaying Information in a clear, timely and unequivocal manner.

The families of products conceived by AGLA for the urban sector set themselves apart, not only for the levels of functionality and clarity in presenting information, but also for their sleek designs and high aesthetic standard, capable of combining sturdiness, reliability, longevity and cost effectiveness with the undisputed beauty of Italian design.   

Panels designed for controlled areas such as LTZ, CTZ or traffic calming strategies, which are extended integrating general or specific information. 

These refer to devices installed in strategic points across the territory, providing information to users via communication channel between the city authorities and citizens, residents or tourists.

Different shaped and sized structures designed to meet the need to transmit variable messages on extra-urban roads, railway stations, ports and airports.

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